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If you are a Queensland business, you might know that the State Government have announced Round 3 of their Business Basics Grant to help businesses in SEQ increase their core capabilities and ability to adapt current best practices.

Freedom Potential is an eligible supplier of those government programs and we’d like to show how you can accelerate your growth and increase your customer base and revenue using the grants available to your business.

If you are a QLD business with an expected turnover of $300,000 or less and fewer than 20 employees, you might be eligible for the $5000 Business Basics Grant Program.

We will create for you a tailor-made strategy for client acquisition on social media and produce the videos in an easy, affordable and effective way. Apply to the Small Business Grant to benefit from our special $999 OFF one-time Lead Generation Funnel Package offer!

Lead Generation Funnel Package - Special Business Basics Grants Program Package

Before $5999 –

Now $5000

– Save $995


★   2 hours Funnel Strategy Session
★   1/2 day Pre-Production (Script, Storyboard, Location Scouting)
★   1 day filming (4 locations maximum, including our studio)
★   1 minute Promo Video (top of the funnel) in 2 versions for A-B Split Testing
★   3 x 2 minute Educational Videos or FAQs (mid-funnel)
★   3 x 30 second Call to Actions videos
★   2 x 5-15 second YouTube ads
★   Funnel Page Setup

Freedom Potential business video filming

Easy as 1, 2, 3

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This package can be tailored to your needs!

Video shoot in studio or on location.

We service South East QLD (Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast and Cairns, Mackay and Townsville) and Northern NSW.

Call us today on 0421 783 167  or email us at info@freedompotential.com.au to find out how we can help with your business’ video marketing.

Our experts are ready to help you understand what video marketing strategy is best for your business needs and objectives.
Connect with more customers today by telling your brand’s story through a multi-channel marketing campaign, delivered by one of our professional team.



Freedom Potential offers easy and affordable video production, live-streaming and hybrid events. We make it easy to captivate, engage and retain your audience online.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we established Freedom Potential in 2020 and now are trusted by many local and international marketing agencies, we worked with the most reputable speakers and educators in Australia, ASX listed companies like Citigold, The Motley Fool, as well as brands like BMW/Mini, Barry Plant and S-Force.

• 15+ years in video production

•   250 + events live-streamed

•   Millions of views received