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With a growing need to communicate effectively and maintain brand consistency, businesses are increasingly introducing in-house studios. We are offering Best Video Studio Design Services for you.

Having an in-house studio gives you complete control over the creation of video content whenever and wherever you need it.

We are able to construct world-class broadcast and studio facilities whether you are building your first in-house studio or you have been in video production for years.

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Whether you are a broadcaster, a film production company, a commercial entity, or a corporate entity, we do what no other company can: we offer expert expertise and project management without the need for third parties.


We attribute Freedom Potential’s success to our agile and flexible approach. We offer solutions for both new system installations and upgrades on existing set ups, regardless of the space you have available. We’ll ensure your studio is designed to get the very most out of the space. It is our commitment to our clients to deliver accurate, on-time, and on-budget work every time.


I built my first studio in 2006 as Videographe Production Centre Manager in Montreal. It was designed for cutting edge electronic arts residencies, for filming, developing and presenting multi-projection video and surround sound environments. I had then designed this studio based on my experience in producing many performing arts shows in high tech studios such as Quebec City Meduse Salle Multi, Ex-Machina Caserne, Melbourne’s Dancehouse and universities theatre labs.

Upon taking the Directorship of OpenChannel in 2008, I designed a multi-functional space and studio in the Shed4 – 4000sqm facilities in the Melbourne Docklands. It featured 3 office spaces and post-production studios, a 150 seats theatrette with bar and 16x9m projection screen and a 2500sqm film studio with clients the like of Melbourne’s: F1, L’Oreal Fashion Festival, International Film Festival and an array of high profile companies across industries.

In 2011, I took the Hire and Post-Production Manager position at Metro Screen in Sydney where I was in charge to upgrade and develop the 200sqm broadcast green screen studio with control room and 4K post-production facilities. This studio was a staple in the Sydney inner-city with clients ranging from TV production companies, to Government Agencies and Independent Filmmakers. It allowed for multi-camera live production and chromakeying with a large light grid and sound treatment features. During the period of 2011-2015, I was also developing portable studio kits for Viocorp and multi-camera live switching for events.

From 2017, I’ve assisted many small businesses, influencers, educators and podcasters to set up studios of different sizes and for different purposes. In 2020, we have installed over a dozen made to measure studios with integrated functionalities such as: live switching, multicasting, virtual events, confidence monitors, optimised audio and lighting setups, etc. 

My main focus when I work with clients is to create a simple process, so any non-technical person can manipulate complex technology with a click of a button and a turn of a switch.

Martin Renaud, CEO Freedom Potential

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Martin did a fantastic job of setting everything up, it’s like a dream come true. Who would have thought, you know, that something of this ability is set up in my house so I can broad cast live?

John Templeton

Master Coach and International Speaker

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We wanted an actual podcast and music studio, and we did not even know where to start…

Dos and Georgia


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The guys in Freedom Potential helped me a lot with sound treatment, improved video quality with a lot of professional equipment and helped identify what software I should be using. Thank you, guys!

Jason Pizzino

Youtuber | Investor | Educator

Video Production Studios

Bringing video production in-house, and creating a repeatable workflow, is a great way to leverage video for your company.

Building an in-house video studio allows you to make videos how you want, with whom you want, on your own time. An in-house video studio gives you the freedom to experiment with different types of video content and also lets many voices from your company be heard.

We can offer a wide variety of custom studio solutions designed to meet specific production requirements of varying sizes, ranging from multipurpose sound stages to fully automated playout.

PTZ live streaming video cameras design and installation

A lot is happening to make PTZ cameras and live streamers more efficient and cutting-edge. Manufacturers are coming up with new options, repurposing existing ones, and adding new capabilities to enable us to work from home, have video conferences, deliver education, and stream live events like concerts, sports, and concerts.

If you are looking for an effective solution for streaming, web conferencing or video production, we can assist you in installing PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) remote-operated or automated cameras for your needs.

The most important thing to consider in these installations is connectivity and quality sound.

Video Conferencing Solutions for boardrooms

We focus on boardroom solutions that simplify impactful presentation and deliver premium grade conferencing for executive groups.

With our projection or LED flat panel displays, we can tailor a visual solution that displays and displays your business data with maximum clarity. Whether you are looking to equip huddle rooms, meeting rooms, executive offices, remote offices, open collaboration spaces or personal workspaces, hassle-free audio visual technology is available. Simple, cable-free presentation options eliminate clutter and streamline your board room meetings.

 Our integrated solutions ensure that board room meetings start and run on schedule, with hassle-free audio visual technology that works every time.

Mobile Video Kits

In addition to creating awesome videos, we have a highly skilled tech team who build and install broadcast and production studios. Focused on efficiency and functionality we also build mobile kits for streaming and recording live events. Our mobile streaming kit is the perfect solution for delivering professional live broadcasts from any location, with all the high quality equipment needed.

Remotely Operated Video
Production Studios

If you’re setting up a conference room, event venue, lecture theatre or church for remote connection or big-screen display, you can save money by installing such a system rather than paying a camera operator full time.

Podcast Studios

The nature of your podcast studio will have the biggest impact on the sound quality of your audio. We strive to design studios that are both acoustically optimal as well as visually pleasing. During the construction of each of our studios, our commitment is to build a space that exceeds your expectations while delivering an experience that makes your work easier and more enjoyable.

Top 5 Questions to ask before building your own in-house studio:

  1. What type of videos and content do you want to produce? Are you planning to record a podcast or run webinars? Will you need a green screen or require a product demo space?
  2. Who is your audience? What do they respond to? Do you have a type of distribution method in mind?

  3. Have you allocated a space for a studio? Do you require a space for displays and data storage? Will you require post-production?

  4. Have you addressed construction requirements such as soundproofing, electrical, heating, ventilation and cooling? All of the above play a role in quality studio development and should be addressed before building out.

  5. Do you have a budget?

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